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•   Bob Barry  6/10
•   Susan Mendel (Atamaniuk)  6/8
•   Raymond Hermit  5/19
•   Cheryl Ruffier  4/8
•   Patrick Collins  3/31
•   Suzanne Ellis (Hoyt)  11/30
•   Pat Hatfield  11/28
•   Christine Theiss (Bishop)  11/19
•   Earl Skidmore  11/18
•   Nancy Renshaw (Yarbrough)  9/23
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3 live in Alaska
5 live in Arizona
1 lives in Arkansas
133 live in California
10 live in Colorado
1 lives in Connecticut
1 lives in Florida
1 lives in Georgia
1 lives in Hawaii
3 live in Idaho
2 live in Illinois
1 lives in Louisiana
3 live in Massachusetts
1 lives in Montana
3 live in Nevada
1 lives in New York
2 live in North Carolina
1 lives in Ohio
1 lives in Oklahoma
15 live in Oregon
1 lives in Pennsylvania
1 lives in Texas
2 live in Utah
3 live in Virginia
11 live in Washington
1 lives in West Virginia
1 lives in Alberta
1 lives in Austria
1 lives in France
1 lives in Italy
1 lives in Japan
180 location unknown



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Random Neural Firings
Riding my bike through the vacant lot at the corner of Almond Avenue and San Antonio where the Fire Station is now, Brook Trout Looks. Little League Baseball at Hillview, The SCVAL, Orchids and Brickbats, Mings, Dodge Ridge, Camino Bowl, Vespas, Gemello’s with My Dad, “San Antonio” Jr. High. Sittin’ in the high grass in a big field right on Los Altos Avenue, Motts and Hairhats, Watching Sputnik in our back yard, Cubing, Paisley Shirts, Teenage Sex, First Love/First Rejection, The Cardinal Shop, Dumpster Diving with Chris Girard in 8th Grade behind the Los Altos Pharmacy, The Stilettos, Mrs. Bell, Friends who you think of and look up and find they died 25 years ago…or earlier, Digging Latrines and Fixing trails at Duvenicks Ranch with Boy Scouts, Going inside the Moffett Field Hanger, Stanford Football Games, 19 cent Dairy Belle Freeze Hamburgers, Jokes about Spanglers Mortuary, Riding 10 speeds up through the hills to Stanford Shopping Center, Christmas Tree Lots at the entrance to Main and State Streets, The Emporium, Kirks, Telling my mom I’m going to the library (ha ha), Climbing on the roofs of Hillview, Covington and LAHS on summer weekends, JFK, The Los Altos High Pool, Sweet stuff in wax coke bottles from The Little Store over by Santa Rita, When Jim (Randy) Regnolds fell off the backstop onto home plate at Almond and broke his pelvis. 8 years later when he was killed in Vietnam, Diane Goddard and Karen McSherrry crashing their mom’s car into Mike Popovich’s house when they were 14, Skee Ball and Pronto Pups on the Santa Cruz Boardwalk, Slumber parties where you didn’t sleep, David Kline’s swimming pool, my mitt on my handlebars, BA’s in high school, my little black and white tv in my room, Blue Chip Stamps, “Rippin’” a line drive, the sounds at night, air that was always clean, magic clouds, the smell of her hair, being young.