In Memory

Sadly in our journey from 1967 to now we have lost these friends:

Sheryl Abbott

Jean Claude Gau

Lloyd Norman

Rita Bailey

Caecyl Graham

Sue Pacey

Stuart Baird

Rich Halliday

Terry Pattisson

Pam Bartlow

Diana Hendrickson

Todd Peterson

Janice Batistich

Greg Hief

Greg Pike

Anne Bickford

Marian Hodges

Martin Poole

Leslie Bosch

Terry Holden

Jim Regnolds

Barbara Boyd

Lee Horvitz

Diane Robinson

Jonathan Bell

Stan Horwege

Sibyl Rouse

Peter Boissevain

Dyanne Jew

Jeff Ruble

Lorna Broberg

Christopher Jones

Larry Rutherdale

Chris Burrell

Kathy Jotter

Ed Sanford

Jill Cadden

Dan Klevesahl

Steve Schauss


Dorothy Landels


Ken Centanni

Nancy Luce

John Sivley

Marna Chew

Tony Malo

Rich Solano

James Clark

Kathleen Martin

Mary Ann Stilwell

Bart Conn

Connie Matz

Andi Swicegood

Roz Dina

Ralph May

Pat Thacher

Lee Dolan

John McCutcheon

Mike Townsend

Mary “Pat” Dysinger

Jim McGuire

John Leslie Walker

Mike Evans

Jim McLeod

Kent Wilson

Mike Fogelstrom

Susie Means

Connie Yokum

David Forcum

Tom Nicholls


By Year Deceased Alphabetically Yearbook Photo

Jean Claude Gau (Deceased 2019)
Christopher Jones (Deceased 2019)
Dan Klevesahl (Deceased 2021)  

If you are aware of a Classmate who should be added to this page please let us know.